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    The Wurtsboro station in Sullivan County, NY was designed for the NYO&W by D.H. Canfield, Architect of Middletown, NY. The drawings presented here are based on the original 1911 construction rather than the original design.

    One of the main changes made during the construction was the use of brickwork facing below the level of the window sills. The brickwork is seen in both photographs and drawings but is not shown on the original design. Another apparent addition was the front platform stairway, added to the platform end opposite to those built in steps fronting the bay-window area. Those steps had a railway added. It is possible that other revisions may have been made to the buildings, although the above-mentioned appear to be the only significant ones.

    The photos show the station when it was in active service as well as after the line was abandoned and the tracks taken up. The Wurtsboro station still exists, although its condition has deteriorated (the station has been restored since this writing and is now a residence). The structure behind the station is a retail coal dock, also believed still in existence.

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