In spite of the fact that the O&W was a short railroad running through small, rural population centers (or perhaps because of it) advertising and promotion were actively and creatively pursued dating back to the days of the Oswego Midland. The advertising department created numerous campaigns ranging from the venerable Summer Homes publications on the Catskill resort areas to its counterpart, Winter Homes, and down to the simple "broadside" leaflets on excursion trains to the Atlantic shore. The O&W touted its greenery to "rusticators," its commercial and mineral wealth to shippers, and its service to everyone who would listen.

     We have all heard the stories about how well the O&W fared during the lean years of the Great Depression. While the reality of daily life may not have matched those rosy memories, the O&W apparently did not shrink from its efforts to court a friendly public through its advertising. It was probably in just this time when Frederick Lyford or someone on his staff thought the O&W needed a public relations boost with the youth in the communities along the line. The result was a booklet entitled "What Makes The O&W Go?" This book, in roughly 8x10" size on heavy stock, simplistically describes the work of various departments of the railroad and how they contribute to the business of the O&W. Note that our little moon-faced man Owen W. has not yet assumed his mascot duties but instead, we see what looks like a cross between a magpie and Woody Woodpecker. Perhaps we should call him OWEN W. Not much more is known about this piece at this time but it does add another color to the unique palette that was the O&W. Ken Hojnacki

of Freight Traffic

We Make the O&W Go!

     Our job is to get around and show shippers and the traveling public the advantages of routing freight and traveling over the New York, Ontario & Western Railway. Freight is the biggest source of revenue to the O&W. Our shippers demand fast and dependable freight train movements, careful handling of their shipments, and reliable records of the movements of their cars and merchandise.

     Our passengers demand courtesy and attention.

     This is SERVICE. Without it, we of the traffic department have nothing to sell, and our competitors get the business. Without this money the railroad just wouldn't go. By bringing in this vast source of income, we make the O&W go!




We Make the O&W Go!

     We folks-the manufacturer, businessman, the butcher, the barber, the mechanic, clerk, lawyer, schoolteacher, policeman, the stenographer, the housewife, and all the other fellow members of the typical American community--who live along the New York, Ontario &Western Railway. We receive food, fuel, merchandise, supplies, and the thousand and one other necessities of daily life over the O&W andship out to the nation the products of our mines, factories and farms, over the same line.

We make the O&W go...too!

We citizens of towns and communities
along the New York, Ontario & Western
Railway, receive in wages, salaries and
in state, city and town taxes 58% of every dollar of O&W income.