St. Joseph's Depot Restoration Project

    Mr. Stuart Salenger has purchased the former O&W St. Joseph's/ Gilman's Passenger Station which was located on the Monticello Branch. In addition to the station, Stuart also has taken possession of the house across the road and sizable adjoining acreage.

    Mr. Salenger wishes to restore the station exterior and interior and create a vintage "General Store", so to speak. Additionally, there is a plan to lay a piece of track in front of the     station and obtain a parlor car to serve meals in.

    Stuart and his associate have the resources to pull this off. Now Mr. Salenger is looking for some assistance concerning information about the station and possible suggestions for the preservation of this unique structure.

Stuart can be reached at P.O. Box 3, Forestburgh, NY 112277-0003 and his email address is

Another O&W station saved! Joe Bux - Chairman BOT - O&WRHS