Lehigh & Hudson River Flanger #105

ex-O&W Flanger/Converted Milk Car

Photo by Bill Strohmeyer


    A little while ago I found some shots of the former O&W snow flanger that later belonged to the L&HR.  According to Crist & Krause's L&HR Volume II the car was built by the O&W in 1914.  I was told years ago that it started out as an O&W milk car.  The people who spoke to the chapter on the bobber caboose have been looking for an O&W milk car for a proposed dairy museum in Roxbury and this was the only one I knew about at the time.

    The car was purchased by the L&HR at the O&W auction in 1957 and sold to a private individual when the L&HR was broken up.  The car was stored at the Ingersoll Rand plant Phillipsburg, NJ for many years where its condition deteriorated.  The Phillipsburg Railroad Historians have moved it to their site and hopefully they will restore it.

    I thought this might be one more addition to the list of equipment listed as under restoration on the O&W website.  Perhaps putting something out on the discussion group would bring in more information as to the car's current status, O&W road number, etc.  Here's a link with a few shots:  http://www.prrh.org/photos/l_hr105/index.html.   I'm sure some of the L&HR fans among us have good color shots of the flanger while on the L&HR.  I know I have some somewhere.

Best regards,

Dan Myers - 3-11-09

Please contact this site if you have any information or photos you could give us. Thanks in advance.