Remembrances   of   the   O&W

Remembrances of the O&W

by Richard M. Hanschka & Marjorie Gould

Part I by Richard M. Hanschka

    I am from New Jersey originally. My parents home was in Newark. There were many rail lines around us and Dad was a machinist who repaired steam engines.

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The   Original   O&W   Whistle   Stop   Tour

The Original O&W Whistle Stop Tour

by Leroy Y. Beaujon

   "How did our trips over the abandoned but not yet torn up O&W Lines evolve?" It all started with a small group of rail enthusiasts that lived in Northwestern Connecticut; namely Torrington (where our leader Truman Crowell and his pal, Robert Nimke lived) and Canaan (where I plus Eric Borg and Francis McCarthy were from).

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Along   the   Line

Along The Line

by Wayne G. Levitt

    Many people remember both steam and diesel trains: Some know how the O&W railroad operated, succeeded and then failed. Some can tell detailed facts about events that occurred a long time ago. Yet I can relate to what I witnessed as a youngster; the hissing, puffing and whistling steam engines that were already being replaced by diesel locomotives.

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Livingston   Manor   Historical   Secret

by Wilmer E. Sipple

All of the territory around Livingston Manor lies within the Hardenburg Patent, an immense tract of around two million acres granted to Johannes Hardenburg and his associates by Queen Anne in 1708. Robert Livingston, a new owner entered the scene and within less than forty years had acquired almost half of the entire patent.

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Boyhood   Recollections   of   the   O&W

Boyhood Recollections of the O&W 

by Philip E. Munson

     Here are a few of my recollections of life in the West Monroe depot as I recall them as a boy from about 1920 through 1925, the years my family lived there. They are not in any sequence, just sort of a hodgepodge.

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