"It’s   the   End   of   the   World   As   We   Know   It...."


"It’s the End of the World As We Know It...."

by Bill Schneider

Special Thanks to Wayne G. Levitt

"It's the end of the world as we know it...." This was a line to an REM song, but for the citizens of Livingston Manor it must have seemed that their world as they knew it was coming to an end when, in 1958, the scrappers arrived.

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Trout   and   Trains

Trout and Trains – A Beaver Kill Photo Story

by John Taibi 

     As the main title of this column implies, stories about the New York, Ontario & Western Railway’s Northern Division have been the focus of this writer. But, there have been two occasions in the past where readers have humored me in my writing about Southern Division subjects. (Summertime in Cuddebackville, NY, and Meals in Middletown.) Since the third time is the charm – so I’m advised, I ask you to do so once again. Please indulge me while I take you on a one-day fishing trip along the Beaver Kill near Roscoe. 

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Now   Pinch   Hitting   for   AV:   Walgreen’s!

Now Pinch Hitting for AV – Walgreen’s!

by John Canfield
    Those of us who have been modeling for a number of years have all had the experience of scrounging around in all kinds of strange places for material we can use and the hobby  magazines are just full of such bizarre esoterica  – “did you know that the tailpipe from a ’55 Mercury is the exact diameter of an O&W water tower in HO?”  But my friends, treasure hunts really do turn up the perfect materials in the oddest places so read on! 

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Bill   Wilcox   and   the   #116

Bill Wilcox and the #116

by John Taibi 

NYO&W NW-2 No. 116

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Third   Time   A   Charm

Third Time A Charm - NYO&W # 101 Gets Another Chance

Special Thanks to Patrick Stapleton

    The following was sent me me from O&WRHS member Patrick Stapleton. By way of e-mail he was able to find out what the status of ex-NYO&W 44 tonner No. 105 that spent many years on the SLG&W. On behalf of the O&WRHS I want to thank him for taking the time to research this. The following is the e-mail correspondence that  took place:

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