Draper's   Switch


Draper's Switch

by Dan Myers

Photos from Dan Myers and Jeff Otto

Jeff Otto and I walked the right of way from Rock Rift to Apex in the spring of 2004.  One of the highlights of the hike was the discovery of Draper's Switch about a quarter mile south of Rock Rift.  

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Northern   Division   Roots

 Northern Division Roots

by Doug Ellison

     The O&W has always been “my road” in spite of the fact that I wasn’t born until 1959, a short time after her rails were torn up. But, you have to understand that within that railroad, the Northern division anyway, were and are my roots. You see, there were O&W railroaders on both sides of my family, and for some reason my path  and that of the O&W keeps intersecting. 

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A   Short   History   of   the   Claryville   Branch   of   the   NYO&W

A Short History Of the Claryville Branch Of the New York Ontario & Western Railway

by Charles M. Breiner


     The year 2005 was busy.  After many years of thinking about it in the spring Charlie suddenly decided to build a one gauge G-scale garden railroad.  Charlie has always loved trains since he was born on September 17, 1941.  He received his first Lionel train set at the tender age of 3 months on the morning of December 25, 1941.  It consisted of a 2-6-2 locomotive, Shell gas tank car, gondola and a Pennsylvania Railroad caboose with a figure 8 of track.  Charlie says that, “I came into this world playing with trains and I intend to go out of it the same way.”   It was almost immediately decided to model the railroad like the New York Ontario & Western Railway. 

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If   Only   This   Stuff   Could   Talk

If Only This Stuff Could Talk (Sometimes It Does)

Text & Photographs by Jack Norris

    As part of our passion for the O&W or just railroading in general, most of us I’m sure have a favorite artifact or two. It could be Grandpa Joe’s conductors uniform, that whenever we look at it brings back memories of the person and his stories. Maybe we have something a lot less personal, like a switch lock, for instance. Maybe we found it at a garage sale or flea market somewhere. This little lock can tell us some things. Through the name or initials stamped in it, it proudly proclaims that a railroad once truly existed where only a dirt trail exist today. The fact it is a switch lock tells us of the important job it had while employed. The style or maker can give us a clue to its age. All little things that we can discover by just picking it up and holding it.

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DeForest   Diver

DeForest Diver: Engineer - Inventor - Photographer

Special Thanks to Steven Smith, Jeff Diver, Jill Powell, Jack Tepper & Dan Myers

 This invention relates to seats, and its general object is to provide a cushioning device in the form of a shock absorber that is primarily designed for the lids of seat boxes and the like generally employed in the cab of locomotives and which act as seats for the engineer and fireman, so as to make the seat more comfortable in that the device has a tendency to absorb shocks and eliminates vibration and the like. 

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