The   Midland's   "Centennial   Cars"

The Midland's "Centennial Cars"

     In 1876 most railroads were clamoring to transport what they perceived as hoards of travelers to the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia and the New York & Oswego Midland, although in almost desperate financial straits, also participated in this once in a lifetime event.

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Country   Cousins:   A   Series


Country Cousins

- A Series -

by Robert McCue

    Up until my high school years I had virtually in my back yard a railfan's paradise, a branch line with track , station, (with signboard still up!)  it was almost everything a railfan could need.  I say almost everything because the brush growing between the rails told of the one basic element that had been missing for some time.

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Swirling   Around   in   Fish’s   Eddy:   Part   I

Swirling Around in Fish’s Eddy – Part I

by John Canfield

    A couple months back I was looking at a photo of the O&W Fish’s Eddy station on the East Branch of the Delaware River and thought it would be neat to model it in 1:87 and besides, it had been some time since I had fed my Northeastern board-and-batten siding fix.  I had a couple pictures of it and the old color postcard of the North end with the locomotive out front had gained some degree of notoriety, turning up fairly regularly as in this Business Directory from Delaware County in 2003.

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Light   a   Lamp   for   the   Old   Woman

Light a Lamp for the Old Woman

by Dan Myers

How will you commemorate the 50th anniversary of the demise of our favorite railroad?

    My commemoration started on Christmas about 45 years ago when my father gave me two O&W color light signals manufactured by the Union Switch and Signal Company of Swissvale, Pennsylvania. 

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'Other'   Cabooses:   A   Postscript

“Other” Cabooses – A Postscript

Has a Long-Lost O&W 8000-Series Caboose Been Rediscovered?

by Ronald J. Stanulevich

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