Paterson   Railroad   Day   2003

Paterson Railroad Day 2003

by Ron Vassallo

[Editor's note - this article is a "lost and found" we just discovered, and may not have appeared previously.] 

     On January 19, 2003 the O&WRHS kicked off its second annual Paterson Railroad Day...

    Accompanying the O&WRHS were other historical groups such as the Middletown & New Jersey and Erie Lackawanna groups. There were sales tables by all groups attending and we also had the pleasure of having tables from the URHS, Friends of the New Jersey Transportation Museum, Weekend Chief Publications and The Old & Weary Car Shop. There were also amazing O&W displays by George Shammas, Carl Ohlson and Jim Parrella. Jim came all the way from Maryland to showcase his O&W memorabilia and it was a treat for all who attended.

     The day kicked off with a Powerpoint show by Doug Barberio & Dave Rutan on the DL&W, followed by a slide show on the Erie by Jay Held. Walt Kierzkowski then showed some rare O&W movies which drew a nice crowd. Al Seebach followed with an awesome West Shore program and Bob Mohowski put on a killer program about the Erie gas-electric cars on the Susquehanna. There was still a decent crowd around 6 pm for Walt to show some more O&W movies which was a fitting way to close an eventful day.

    Many generous donations were given to the Paterson Museum and I was told that 150 people were counted at the height of the day. The museum did a wonderful job accommodating us and special thanks go out to Rob who gave us everything we needed and more.

    If you are an O&WRHS member in the Passaic County area and are not able to attend meeting or events up in Orange County, we hope this is a way for you to meet some of your fellow members. Some of you may ask why is this in January, well simply because there are few months where there are not other events going on, and we figured that this time of year everyone starts to get a little "cabin fever". If you did not make it this year or last, we hope to see you at the next one in January of 2004, I don't think you'll be disappointed!


The Paterson Museum is housed in the former Rogers Locomotive Works erecting shop. Many Oswego Midland as well as early NYO&W  Class P, U & U-1, V Mother Hubbard locomotives, as well as single cab W, W-2 and X classes were built at this facility. Helmer's book has more specific details.

The Museum Grounds include a steam engine that was used in Panama:

Shot of the entrance to the former Roger's Locomotive Works erecting shop which houses the Paterson Museum:

The O&WRHS's sales table with Mike Murray talking to Walt Kierzkowski, Art Robb and Bob Rainey:

Another photo of the sales table:

John Scala, The Weekend Chief, and his sales table:

John Pavelchak and Joe Bux enjoying the day:

George Shammas' display:

Carl Ohlson's display:

Jim Parella's display including an awesome photo of an O&W police officer on his Indian motorcycle:

Jay Held's slide show in progress: