Update   on   NYO&W   Caboose   8304

NYO&W Caboose 8304

by Ernie Hunt

The 8304 was built in 1916 and had a steel underframe. It started with Wolfe Trucks and K brakes which were upgraded to AB brakes in 1954. This was used as a Scranton Division Caboose and was later sold to the Long Island Railroad.. The trucks could have been changed so we'll check into that as some were equipped with passenger type trucks for use on the symbol freights ..Walt K.


NOTE: The third and fourth to last photos (B&W) of the 8304 in the gallery below are courtesy of Walt Kierzkowski.

O&W Caboose 8306 was built in 1916 by the O&W using a Standard  Steel Car Co. kit at the AV shops. This caboose received a steel underframe made  of two tender frames spliced together in 1945. In 1953 she would have her brake system upgraded from KC to AB. The trucks were replacements added  years after the original Wolff leaf spring trucks wore out. It was sold to the  Long Island in 1958 and them to Joe Krajachek in the early 60's and after the  O&WRHS turned it down in the mid 1980's it was sold to a fella in Iowa. I  believe it's next stop was Pasadena and now she is in Texas as I am told.... -Al Seebach

NYO&W Caboose 8304 Restoration

I received this letter from U&DRR member Ernie Hunt  back in December of 2007. I want to thank him for thinking of the O&WRHS and its website.

Dear Ron,

I am a member of the U&DRR Historical Society, and I learned from Doug Kadow and Dan Myers that there was an O&W Caboose in College Station, Texas, in advance of my recent visit there. Dan suggested I contact you directly.

The caboose is at the Benjamin Knox Gallery ( www.benjaminknox.com ) at 405 E. University in College Station. It appeared to be well taken car of, but as you can see at the website, the owners do not know the correct heritage of the car. They are very friendly, and I think open to a note explaining the history of the caboose correctly. I spoke to a lady named Natalie while I was there.

FYI, stove inside said PRR, must have been added after it went to the LIRR, and probably is the reason the gallery thinks its PRR. Trucks say Gould Coupler Co, and one one journal box, says Depew, NY. On the right part of the trucks the dates are April 23, 1909 and July 26, 1910 or 1913. Other journal box on each truck seems to say McCord.

Ernie Hunt

NOTE: The last two photos in the gallery below are of #8304 previiously in Santa Monica, CA. It was also in Mapleton, Iowa, but auctioned off when the town was not interested in full size railroad equipment.
The remainder of the photos are Russell McConnell photos courtesy of Ken Hojnacki.

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