The   Original   Virtual   Bus   Tour

The Original O&W Virtual Bus Tour

 by Pete Putman

      Welcome to the Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society's Virtual Motor Bus Tour, an on‑line version of our popular guides to the NYO&W's right‑of‑way from Cornwall to Norwich. The inspiration for this tour came from a trip taken by member Pete Putman and his son Ross in July of 1997, when they drove from Cornwall to Fallsburgh.

     Pete photographed as many of the grade crossings and old station sites that he could find and had his 35mm Kodachromes digitized to Photo CD. For those who remember the Old Woman as she was, some of these photos may bring back pleasant memories, while others will show the advancements of nature as it reclaims much of the right of way.

     For members and friends who haven't been able to visit the O&W, we've harnessed the power of the Internet to let you explore the line and see some of the surviving structures, bridges, tunnels. and the only piece of O&W trackage still in operation. As a bonus, we wandered off the beaten track to photograph remnants of other lines, and have included some shots of Middletown from the late 1970s.

 To make these photos more useful to you, we recommend having a copy on hand of any of these books:

* O&W: The Final Years (Crist/Krause) 

* O&W: The Story of the New York, Ontario & Western RR (Helmer) 

* The NYO&W In Color (Lubliner) 

* NYO&W In The Diesel Era (Mohowski) 

* Milk Cars & Mixed Trains (Mohowski) 

* Minisink Valley Express (Best) 

Or, any of the Society's publications. The before‑and‑after comparisons become more dramatic and meaningful.

Click any image to start the gallery/slideshow, or right-click and open any image in a new tab or window for a full-size view. Captions are included in the gallery. 

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