100 Years Ago This Month

This is a series of selected articles about the O&W.  Most of the articles are from Middletown newspapers, but occasionally articles from other newspapers will be included.

Because we all relate to recent events more than older ones, it is easy to focus on the most recent O&W business news, namely its shutting down on March 29, 1957.  Although that is arguably the single most important date in the O&W history, I prefer to dwell on happier times.  

100 years ago from June, 2014, as we begin this series, the O&W was booming.  They had completed major track and facility improvements all along the line, and freight and passenger revenues were at record highs.  However, World War I was just around the corner, and would bring about many changes.  

Come back in time with us and follow the ups and downs, and ins and outs of the O&W during those fascinating times.