O&W   Tribute   Day

O&W Tribute Day - March 31,  2007

Photos by Ron Vassallo

    On Saturday, March 31, 2007, over 50 people gathered at the M&NJ Depot at 140 East Main Street Middletown to remember that day, 50 years ago March 29, 1957 when the O&W officially ceased operations. Many present were not alive at the time but we were fortunate enough to have several former O&W employees in attendance, many who still live only a few blocks away in Middletown and one employee from South Fallsburgh.

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Middletown   Railroad   Day   2006

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O&W   Day   at   the   Mamakating   Depot

O&W Day At The Mamakating Depot
June 13, 2004

    Well what can I say except that if we had a great day! Young and old were in attendance and at the height of the day there were between 100-120 people. At one point I counted 45+ people just at Doug Barberio's PowerPoint presentation alone and we had at least that many on the hike to the Highview Tunnel.  Then we had the pleasure of listening to Bob Mohowski tell us about the intricacies of flagging and dispatching trains. 

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