Middletown   Railroad   Day   2009

Middletown Railroad Day 2009

     What can I say? Another great show and it was because of the people who helped support this show that it is a continued success. The Powerpoint shows by Bob Karig, Al Seebach, Doug Barberio and John Taibi were top notch as usual. The displays by Jerry Clearwater and Don Rushmore were beautiful. Charlie Breiner and Mal Houck represented the O&W in models and Joe Bux kept the kids entertained with his O' scale trains running on 2 levels, it was very creative. A new addition this year was the Olde Newburgh Model Railroad Club with their impressive 30' X 30' Ho Scale layout. This took up the back half of the room and I was like a kid seeing my Class V Camelback pulling a passenger train. Thanks to all our vendors and most of all our fellow Historical Societies. Special Thanks to Jeff Otto and all the others who helped us set up and break  everything down, your help is vital and is greatly appreciated. See you next year!

Photos 1 through 11 by Charlie Breiner - Photos 12-26 by Ray Kelly

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