2008   Middletown   Railroad   Day

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Published on Thursday, 09 February 2012 16:48
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Photos by Joe Bux

     I want to thank everyone who got to the Senior Center in the AM and helped with the set-up. As I had said "Many hands make light work" and with everyone pitching in made the morning go silky smooth. Many thanks to all that worked the sales table and setting up our display. Also our presenters, all were fine programs and there was an average of 50 plus seats filled for each program. Our "AV" guys did an outstanding job making sure the programs went off without a hitch.

    Thank you to all that stayed to the end and helped with the breakdown and clean-up. Again, silky smooth. I think we had approximately 250 people that came to the show and many stayed the entire day. We had twenty plus tables filled with displays and sales items. Most vendors did OK. Our little operating railroads seem to be well received by the young and old. The 2008 MRRD was a great success and for the last time, thank you to everyone that participated.

AL Seebach

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