O&W   Day   at   the   Mamakating   Depot

O&W Day At The Mamakating Depot
June 13, 2004

    Well what can I say except that if we had a great day! Young and old were in attendance and at the height of the day there were between 100-120 people. At one point I counted 45+ people just at Doug Barberio's PowerPoint presentation alone and we had at least that many on the hike to the Highview Tunnel.  Then we had the pleasure of listening to Bob Mohowski tell us about the intricacies of flagging and dispatching trains. 

     I was told afterwards that we did have an O&W employee in attendance, from the signaling department I believe, and also a couple who lives in the St. Josephs depot. It looks like we're already invited back for next year but for those of you who couldn't make, it here are some photos to hold you over....

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From Mal Houck, regarding the very last photo in the gallery:

    The picture in the basement of the Mamakating depot is, I believe, a telephone terminal strip. The "giveaway" is the strange device on the porcelain insulator base with the two long "cigar shaped" gizmos in the circuit. That peculiar thing as called a "Lightning Arrestor" and goes back to the days when telephones (from "THE PHONE COMPANY") all provided their own 12 VDC power, over the lines. 

    There's so few "old hands" at any local phone company, particularly since "Ma Bell," all of the spun off remnants and lesser parts of it have been out of the installation business since deregulation, and it's been so long since these things were used, that nobody knows what they look like. I do, because there's one in my house now, that's still in the circuit to the outside! 

    Judging from the looks of the panel, it may very well have been for outside phone service, rather than for railroad communication. Nonetheless, it still hearkens back to the days when the Mamakating Depot was used for what it was intended, when built.

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