PROGRESS (See photos at end of article)

Article and photos provided by NORMAN BARRETT

Since the arrival of O&W 105 at Steamtown much progress has been made. Initially all the graffiti was removed with a lot of elbow grease. The cab interior was cleaned up and windows washed so the locomotive looked somewhat presentable. The undercarriage and trucks were painted black and over last Labor Day weekend the locomotive was displayed in the Steamtown Core Complex.

After the Railfest event the 105 was moved to the east end of the shop. There have been numerous work sessions and a lot has been accomplished.  A young diesel mechanic from the local Cleveland Brothers CAT dealership has volunteered to work on the diesel engines. He inspected both and found the one is in very good condition and will be easily repaired and fired up. The second engine has an issue and needs further inspection to determine a fix.

Thanks to a local glass company both broken windows were re-glazed and we reinstalled them. Another volunteer, a lock smith is working on having keys made for the doors. He had to order blanks from overseas as none were available stateside.

We are fortunate to have long time Society member, Patrick Stapleton, working on the locomotive. Patrick is from Virginia and owns Precision Locomotive Services, LLC. He and young son have driven up in his service truck and guide us in what to do. We also have a volunteer who will be graduating from Johnson College as a diesel mechanic. He has worked alongside our other mechanics and is a huge asset to the restoration. 

Most work sessions have been one day events but over the Easter Holiday weekend we had a two day session. At that time both engine hoods were removed along with both radiators. This was a tedious job as there are a lot of bolts and nuts, wires and hoses to remove first. It was determined that both auxiliary oil tanks are leaking and will need to be replaced. The Steamtown mechanic that has been assisting us feels that new tanks can be fabricated in house. We just need a volunteer or two that can handle that task. We will be looking for a source that can flush, clean and test the radiators now that they are off the engine.

We need to replace the battery box floor and material to do so has been donated.

A new reverser has been fabricated and air brake handles have been located and donated as well.

The throttle contacts have been cleaned and most of the electrical contactors have been checked and any parts missing replaced.  Some brushed have been replaced but a few others need to be located and installed. We are working on a source. The cab floor needs to be replaced and while not ready to do so we are looking for a source that may donate the proper materials.

There are three big ticket items that will be need fairly soon. They are batteries; we need 8 of them, along with two 55 gallon drums of lube oil. We will also need 100 gallon of diesel fuel.

Also of note both air compressors have been checked and the lube oil replaced. The oil was donated.

Our volunteer team has been very generous donating their time and we are open to bring more volunteers on board. There is a lot of prepping and painting of parts that were removed to take the hoods off. We want then like new before reinstalling.

We can have the 105 running by the end of the year if not earlier if we have enough hands-on help and of course a sufficient flow of money for parts and supplies. Please consider making a donation(s).