Calendar stating March 2018

Society meeting first Friday of each month

Please check back later for new additions to the calendar.

For entertainment listed as “TBA” please check the O&WRHS Website  http://www.nyow.org/ & The Ontario Express Blog  http://ontarioexpress.org/.


The BIG news:

Thanks largely to generous financial donations from many of our members (and several non-members) we are now the proud owner's of New York Ontario & Western Railway locomotive #105.  It is a General Electric 44-tonner, built in 1941, one of the five such locomotives that began O&W's dieselization.

We are making arrangements with Steamtown, in Scranton, PA for eventual display (and possible operation).  It is already in good condition, but we will begin cosmetic (and possible mechanical) restoration after we truck it to Steamtown.

More details forthcoming.



New for 2018:

 This hardcover Observer publication is chock full of information about all aspects of the O&W and its customers in Walton, NY.  

It is available for $35 at our sales table, as well as by mail order.  Note that for mail order sales orders between $10 and $50, please add $7 for shipping, and for totals over $50, please add $9.  

Our mail order address: Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society

                                       P.O. Box 713

                                       Middletown, NY 10940-0713

 New 2018 Calendar...

This collection of O&W  photos is sure to amaze you.

It is available for $10 at our sales table, as well as by mail order.