Inspection Report

 Date: 12-10-01

Location: Domino, Texas – International Paper Facility

Inspector: Douglas J. Ellison

Locomotive: RSS 602, ex- Rock Island #795, exx- NYO&W 111

Type: NW-2

Year Built: 1948

Horsepower: 1000

Current Owner: OmniTRAX Leasing - Denver, Colorado

      On December 10, 2001 I was given permission along with my photographer sister Linda Ellison to enter International Paper property at Domino, Texas and perform a cursory inspection of ex- NYO&W #111, owned by my employer OmniTRAX of Denver, Colorado. What follows is a very basic report on the condition of this unit. All major components appear to be complete.

 Generator Model: D-4 – commutator and brusholders look ok

 Traction Motors: Complete, intact with cable – no further inspection done

 Engine: At some point in Rock Island days the original 567A block was swapped out for a 567BC engine with a 1968 serial number

 Glazing: Non-FRA, safety glass only. Unit still has front center windows intact

 Pilot Plate / End Sheets: Both are damaged and non-complying, but this is a sheet metal job not uncommon to many industrial service locomotives

 Journals: All show contamination of journal lube oil and are still friction style – brass and journal surfaces appear to be in good condition with minimum lateral. Boxes would need to be re-packed.

 Wheels: Wheel gage not used - #2 wheel set is probably high flange, wheels are otherwise marginal but probably legal.

 Air Brakes: #6 brake, hoses missing, but all other components appear intact. Angle cocks will most likely need replacement

 Sander Hoses: Rotted

 Retention Tank: Equipped

 Batteries: Complete Set -  dead – may be freeze damaged

 Lube Oil: in sump, looks okay, no sample taken

 Headlights: At some point post NYO&W replaced with twin sealed beams

Horn: Missing

 Bell: Frame mounted

 Wiper Motor hoses are rotted or missing

 Blue card: Missing

 Air Card: No Data

 Seats: 2

 Electrical: Complete – cabling and wiring in fair condition

 Switch Gear:  pneumatic

 Control Stand: Original replaced with AAR Switcher pedestal stand

 Engine: - Top Deck looks good, cams and rollers in good condition, covers tight

 **** Engine has evidence of freeze damage – water was drained out of the retention tank – unit was never drained when shut down in about 1997.  Total extent of damage unknown, whether it be several power assemblies or more, radiator, water pumps, lube oil cooler…unknown ******

 Engine Manifolds look to be in good condition

 Has “cabbage” style spark arrestors, but they are rotted out and functionless – not an O&W item

 Trucks: No visible cracks, slack adjusters are bent up, springs look okay

 Front and Rear coupler wear plates show excessive wear – need to be shimmed

 Rear Coupler knuckle needs to be replaced, and coupler horn should be gauged

  Cut levers have FRA modified handholds

 Carbody: Painted yellow, shows excessive surface rust, especially on inside of doors and carbody – surface rust – carbody otherwise appears solid and sound

 Unit reported as a strong runner until shut down due to change in switching service contract.

 By far the two major critical components with this locomotive are the extent of freeze damage and the problem of moving it on own wheels account of having plain style journal bearings.

 There is fortunately a locomotive shop nearby located in Wascomb, Texas operated by Progress Rail who could perform truck conversion work, and interchange readiness with cooperation of Railway Switching Services (A G&W Industries Company) and International Paper. Since all components are still intact and the basic integrity of the locomotive is close to original it could be a feasible make a long-term restoration project either cosmetically or eventually operationally.

 All photos taken by: Linda L. Ellison

 Report Written: 12-27-01 by DJ Ellison 

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