Donation Of Car 30 Silverware

by George Shammas

    Some time ago, Walter Rich, CEO of the Delaware Otsego Corp., which owns and operates the New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad, acquired ownership of NYO&W inspection Car 30, the Warwick. Built by Jackson & Sharpe in 1886, this car lasted through abandonment, and spent the last several decades on the Arcade & Attica as a static display, that was open to the public. Without regular maintenance, the car entered a state of decay and disrepair. While in service with the O&W, this car was outfitted with all items necessary for living quarters. During the years on the A&A, many dining items were stolen from the car.

    Walter Rich spent some of his youth on the O&W at Merrickville, and has an avid affection for the O&W. As evidenced by his large collection of O&W memorabilia, Walter has demonstrated a desire to preserve the memory of the O&W, and has moved O&W Car 30 to Utica for restoration. He has expressed a desire to return as much equipment as possible back to the car. He is a long time member of the Society, and has shown the Society much generosity over the years. At a recent meeting of the O&W R.H.S. Board of Trustees, it was decided that the Society would recognize Walter’s restoration effort.

Due to the gracious offering of Secretary Carl Ohlson, the Society was able to acquire seven O&W Car 30 silver and hollowware pieces from Carl’s collection, for the expressed intent of presenting these to Walter. Managing Editor Bob Mohowski was able to arrange a meeting with Walter, and, on Monday, August 18th, 2003, on behalf of the Society, Carl, Bob and myself presented Walter Rich with seven original pieces of O&w Car 30 silver and hollowware.

George S. Shammas - President