From the Cadosia Depot...  

     John Taibi paid a visit to the Cadosia depot on October 19, 2002 and talked with the new owner and then contacted several members to let them know about this. The following was sent to me by the current owner of the depot after I contacted her to put a plug on the website.

     I am sorry I do not currently have a web site, I had one but the peel who did it for me went belly up and I lost it.  I certainly would appreciate any plug on any O & W site and as I  told John anyone interested in this Depot can come any time to see it, they do not need to purchase anything from my gift shop.  I have a landscape business that out grew my home and we needed property to expand this business and the Depot was the place I fell in love with.  While this purchase has aged me at least 100 years it was the right property and site for my business expansion.  I told John I would of done a deal with the Devil to get his property because it is so special.  I really currently just need people to visit the site and remind me of what a great and special place this Depot is.  I do have a gift shop that if people need gifts and with the up coming holidays I am sure there is something in it for every one to purchase.  While I do not care if you come to see the Depot or purchase items form me I just want people to come.  I am in my 9th year of Landscape installations and maintenance.

    I have a AAS Degree in Landscape contracting and I design and install the landscapes we do.  I grow 99 % of the perennials I have for sale in a Polly Greenhouse at my home.  We hopefully will be erecting a greenhouse BEHIND the Depot in Cadosia to increase the perennials I will have for sale next year.  We soon will be going into the wreath making season where we make wreaths from 10" to 4' and several different shapes like Candy Canes, Crosses and possibly snowflakes.  The purchase of the Depot was to expand my business from 9 months a year to year round.  We will close for a couple of weeks in January but other than that we will be open.   I encourage anyone who wants to come to this site to come any time of year.  While currently with the leaves changing it is an amazing site and is always a special site to see.  

    While my husband and I have EVERY THING on the line for this property we know it is worth what ever it takes to make it succeed and that is why we need the emotional support as well as the financial support.  This property has become home to us and I am sure one day we will live over the top where we now have tenants and make it truly our home.  There is something peaceful about being at the Depot that makes it all worth while.  Sometimes I loose track of that but people like John make me realize just how lucky we are to own this Depot even with all its problems.  I want this Depot to survive and I want it to be around for another 100 years and I know with the support and help of people like yourself it will happen.  I have allot to gain by the success of this Depot but honestly I just want to pay the bills.  I appreciate your e mail and your offer of help and any time you would like to hold a meeting or visit this site you are welcome.  I have a treasure and it is only a treasure if other people can share in it.

Lori Phelps

Lori's Landscapes & Perennials

19 Trestle Road, Suite 2, Hancock NY 13783 (607) 637-3700