2009 O&WRHS Banquet & Convention



The 2009 O&WRHS Convention and Dinner held at The Orange County  Community College on November 14th was attended by over 100 persons. The  Northern Division programs by Walter Kierzkowski, John Taibi and Drew James were  packed as well as the modeling session with Mal Houck, Bill Schneider and Joe Bux. George Shammas and Carl Ohlson had awesome displays of their personal collections of memorabilia from the O&W and the O&W's milk  industry. 
Bill Schneider received the "John Hobbs Chryn" award for his contributions  to the society. Bill "built" the 2010 Society calendar from the ground up using  photos from the over 450 Bob Collins negatives he digitally scanned for the  Archives.
Many thanks go out to our membership for their support of the annual raffle. The raffle raised over $1,750 for the society. The models for the raffle were donated by The Old & Weary Car Shop and several prints were donated by Society President George Shammas. Other items came from the archives sales  department. A list of the winners will appear in the next Mountaineer.
The Society Sales Table headed by Walt Kierzkowski and Art Robb did rather well. Many thanks to Jeff Otto and Ray Kelly for helping with the  set-up. Thanks to Ron Vassallo for the Audio Visual set-up and  computer stuff.
Once again, I am very proud to have chaired this event. Every aspect of the  convention went flawlessly. The programs were well done, the model and memorabilia displays were spectacular and the food and fellowship were... "Priceless."
This only leaves one Question... A theme for the 2010 convention. Any  suggestions? Al Seebach...You can e-mail Al a
t AL1HDAGENT@aol.com